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Sports Flooring

One of the main reasons why sports floors were introduced in the early twentieth century is that it significantly reduces the risk of injury. Unlike conventional surface soil used in sports centres have additional capacity to absorb shocks. 

Shock absorption is the key to reducing stress and injury during physical activity factor. Repetitive strain injuries are common when using too hard floors. 

Modern sports surfaces contain  rubber or the back of the foam in the design.  This makes them much better for shock absorption and injury prevention. Many sports involve a lot of twisting, turning and jumping around.  So you having the right flour to protect your athletes is crucial to keep them fit, healthy and unharmed.

Good floors improve performance

This is where sports flooring really comes up trumps. Modern floors use many features in their design to optimise sporting performance. The floor surface is carefully manufactured to provide just the right amount of traction. Too much traction on the floor can hinder movement.

The nature of sports requires quick movements in all directions.  The floor traction has to strike the right balance so that your athletes can move and turn with ease. Too little traction will make the floor slippery and dangerous, and will also hinder the movement and stability of your athletes.

A good flooring system will also provide just the right amount of spring and bounce. A little bit of bounce in the floor doesn't only reduce shock and strain; it also returns energy to the foot of an athlete and can aid movement. Nonetheless, too much bounce will actually hinder performance.  This makes moving across the floor much more tiring. Consider both traction and bounce when looking at sports floors.

There are flooring solutions for a variety of sports

One of the great advances in recent times is the introduction of tailored sports flooring. No two sports are the same and therefore the flooring requirements also vary across the sports spectrum.

Sports such as basketball require floors with more shock absorption due to the jumping involved in the sport. Whereas an indoor tennis court will need much less shock absorption to ensure that the ball bounces as it should.

Suppliers of flooring will often make an assessment of the sporting requirements. These use a specific floor system that matches your needs. This development in sports floors has provided athletes with a surface that is perfectly suited to minimise injury risk. They also work to increase performance output.

If you wants to put on a sports field in your garden, choose the surface of the material carefully. A Badminton or basketball court will definitely benefit from synthetic turf. 

These floors come in various colours such as orange, green, brown, and a multitude of other colours. Turf can even be decorated with the logo of your favourite sports team, or virtually any image, giving you a personalised experience. 

They are waterproof, fire retardant and highly resistant to wear. When dirty, you can just hose to wash which is unlike natural grass.  Artificial grass prevents the development of insects and mites, and therefore remains safe even for children.

Sports floors can be the perfect way to add value to your home. If you have decided to sell the house in the future, well-maintained sports floors will increase the market value of the house a lot. Above all, it is ideal for creating a personal space in the house, just for the family use.