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Sports Hall Floor Contractors
Silverstone, Northampton and Northamptonshire

Are you looking for sports hall floor contractors in the Northamptonshire area?

Our specialist's flooring company based in Silverstone offers a wide range of floor material solutions for sports halls, function rooms and private games courts.

One of the main reasons this type of safety flooring was introduced in the early twentieth century is that it significantly reduces injury risk. Unlike conventional surfaces used in leisure centres, our specialist's flooring has the additional capacity to absorb shocks.


Shock absorption is the key to reducing stress and injury during physical activity. Repetitive strain injuries are common when using floors that are too hard.

Many commercial halls and social facilities offer the chance to use the facilities for sporting games and activities. When public members use your property, you must provide a flooring design that will maximise safety and slip-resistant falls and accidents.

Modern safety flooring surfaces contain quality rubber or foam as part of the design. This makes them much better for shock absorption and injury prevention.

Many activities involve a lot of twisting, turning and jumping around. Having the right floor to protect your athletes is crucial to keeping them fit, healthy, and unharmed.

Our company offer a wide selection of specialist products along with professional advice and installation for wood, vinyl and carpet flooring throughout Northamptonshire. If you need to speak to one of our experts, our team will provide solutions to your flooring needs.

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Our team bring decades of combined experience to every project and remain industry leaders throughout the Northampton and Silverstone areas.

Good flooring improves performance

This is where professional flooring provides an advantage. Modern floors use many features in their design to optimise sporting performance. The floor surface is carefully manufactured to provide just the right amount of traction. Too much traction on the floor can hinder movement.

Indoor Football Pitches Flooring Installation

The nature of sporting activities requires quick movements in all directions. The floor traction has to strike the right balance so that your athletes can move and turn with ease. 

Too little traction will make the floor slippery and dangerous and hinder your athletes' movement and stability.

A sound flooring system will also provide just the right amount of spring and bounce. A little bit of bounce in the floor doesn't only reduce shock and strain; it again returns energy to an athlete's foot and can aid movement.

Nonetheless, too much bounce will hinder performance. This makes moving across the floor much more tiring. Consider both traction and bounce when looking at safety floors.

Quality Flooring solutions for sports facilities

Whether located on a commercial site or a private home, we can provide safe and functioning flooring to suit your requirements.

Activities such as basketball require floors with more shock absorption due to the jumping involved in the sport. An indoor tennis court will need much less shock absorption to ensure that the ball bounces as it should.

One of the significant advances in recent times is the introduction of tailored flooring. No two sporting activities are the same, and therefore the flooring requirements also vary across the spectrum.

sports facilities flooring specialists

A purpose-built gym or games court can be the perfect way to add value to your home. If you have decided to sell the house in the future, well-maintained sports flooring will increase the house's market value a lot. Above all, it is ideal for creating a personal space in the house, just for family use.

Suppliers of flooring will often assess the sporting requirements. These use a specific floor system that matches your specifications.

This development in commercial floors has provided athletes with a perfectly suited surface to minimise the risk of injury. They also work to increase performance output.

Line markings are also useful for some sports activities and can be made to fit your specifications such as colour or size. 

Commercial flooring contractors

We work throughout the commercial sector, offering flooring installation from our base in Silverstone. We deliver on-site flooring solutions throughout the surrounding areas, including Northampton, Kettering and Northamptonshire.

Ask about our range of bespoke floors available to suit your premises. We have experience working with public buildings, commercial leisure facilities and private homes.

If you want to find out more about our flooring services, contact our helpful team today. We provide professional preparation and installation of flooring for sports halls, schools, leisure centres, gyms, social clubs and private clients.

Our contractors will walk you through details of the preparation, materials required and installation process. We are here to help your business benefit from the most efficient flooring to save you money on maintenance and replacement.

Contact our flooring specialist team.

Our specialist company is available for local commercial flooring contractors near the Northamptonshire area to help improve your sports facilities. We offer the advice and experience needed to lay the right floors for your needs.

If you want to build high-quality athletic or games facilities on your property, we offer industry-leading flooring solutions. From vinyl to carpet, our contractors will do everything required to protect the users of your estate.

Contact our flooring services today to get a quote to get them installed based on the specifications you have provided us with. We can help you choose the right products and flooring services to make your facilities as safe as possible for all users.

If you require Sports Hall Floor Contractors in Silverstone, Northamptonshire call today on 01327 855 440.

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