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Epoxy Flooring

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  • 03-05-2017
Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a floor that is strong, durable and easy to maintain. Epoxy floors are your perfect solution. It's ideal for a variety of environments and provides you with excellent value for money. Let's take a closer look at what exactly epoxy floors are and why they are so popular.

Epoxy flooring may sound a bit new, but it's actually a quite popular flooring choice. it's a flooring surface that is made up of multiple layers, each just a few millimetres, to add to the strength and durability of a floor. If you simply have an epoxy that is less than two millimetres thick, it is referred to as an epoxy coating only; however, anything thicker than that, and you will have epoxy flooring. 

Epoxy refers to a term that is made up of two things, resin and hardeners. These two are mixed together and they form a chemical reaction that results in a durable, hard plastic material. This is applied to the floors, to make them resistant to scratches, spills and damages. Epoxy floors are incredibly strong, which is why they are used in some of the most challenging industrial environments.

There are different types of epoxy flooring, like self-dispersing floors, self-levelling floors, and gravelled epoxy floors. Each has their own benefits and features, depending what you are looking for. For example, self-dispersing floors are very strong and are used in areas where there are high traffic and heavy use.

Gravelled epoxy floors are the most decorative of all. They are also complicated to install, which is why you need an expert. They do provide excellent anti-clip features.Choosing the right type of epoxy floors depends on your unique needs, which is why it's important to work with a reliable and experienced installer. This why you will get the floors you need, at an affordable, price, with minimal maintenance required.