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Silverstone, Northanpton and Northamptonshire

Based near Northampton and Silverstone, we are your first choice for commercial flooring specialists throughout Northamptonshire and the UK. 

Flooring defines the output that you are getting from your business or company. The look of your entire commercial outlet is important if you want your business to do really well. In today's hugely competitive world, it is very important to be successful.

office flooring
wooden flooring

To succeed a business must do all that he can to make the office, company or other commercial outlets presentable.  Managing the properly and putting the right type of flooring is a good way of going about doing this. So if you have your business, company or commercial outlet in, you need to use Absolute coverings to make your office presentable.

Commercial flooring

We are determined to build a greater friendship between commercial flooring and clients. We will significantly reduce the your flooring costs. We do this while providing that service that will surely exceeds your expectations.

Absolute Coverings focuses on long-term experience. We offer services necessary for the purchase and installation of flooring. We strive to surpass our competitors and provide the highest level of client's service relationship.

Our Vision: To add quality and integrity to your flooring project through our quality products and experienced services.

As a reliable company, we make use of updated right technology that can save time and money without compromising quality. We provide the latest right information technology and installation of equipment. This includes floor preparation and maintenance help and advice.

Floor Installation

We allow client's confidence in knowing that their projects are managed from procurement to installation in a professional manner.

We offer a complete list of flooring options due to of our wide corporate networking. When it comes to doing business, Absolute Coverings offers her clients powerful resources and recipe for greatness. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

  • Safety Flooring
  • Wood Flooring
  • Sports Flooring
  • Carpet Tiles

Are you looking for commercial flooring specialists in the UK? Contact us today on 01327 855 440 if you would like expert assistance on commercial flooring throughout the country. We are based in Northamptonshire but we work throughout England.